I aim to achieve authentic expression regardless of what I am working on. I seek an energetic vibrancy that stays with the viewer, after the viewing. 

I come from an abstract, formalist tradition. This pedigree is present even in my most representational work. I don't want to give it all to the viewer - I just want to move them. I want to affect them in some chakra, as I feel in my own. There is a dialogue between conscious and unconscious that drives the work. 

I am interested in color, texture, gesture, perspective and flatness, form and line, chiaroscuro, human touch. My influences include Manet, Vuillard, Matisse and Caravaggio. 

As I am  a sculptor, form is important to me. I work from life, from photos, from the Old Masters. There is always a back and forth, inviting the unexpected, as the work and I speak to each other, grapple and ravish.